Monday, February 15, 2010

Howdy Farmers! As we all know, Chopix is a guy who gives bugs if got all the evil nichos out there. The mission of Chopix is the easiest way to have some money. Now, I'm doing the old way which is farming. (Of course, you can see that in Mission Agency.) For the ones who just joined a few months and doesn't know yet how to do farming, I'll teach you how.

Step 1. First, get the spade and when you touch the land you'll see gears rolling then click it so your chobot will plow the land.
Step 2. After your chobot plow the land, get the seeds. Then click the land ( The one that you plowed.) and you'll see your chobot spreading seeds.
Step 3. This is the step which grass will grow. Get the watering can then click the land again. You'll see your chobot watering the plants.
Step 4. Once your grass grew, click on the Scythe and cut the grass. In farming, you must have fellow chobots to help you. Because when you cut the grass, a nicho will come out to steal the grass you have cut. Always remember, ask you friends to get the megogun. Megogun is a device to kill nichos in Mission Agency.
Step 5. Get the grass and click on the chair. The cow will eat the grass and produce milk.
Step 6. Repeat the steps three times.
Step 7. After you repeat the steps three times, get the bucket then you'll get money.

That's all for now. I hope the steps helped you. I'm not sure if I can post another one after earning money.

See ya! God Bless! BE COOL! STAY COOL!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back to Business

Hello everyone! It has been months or years that I haven't posted in this blog. Now, I hope this year that this blog will improve. I'm happy I'm back in the CHOBOT WORLD. Summer is near and theres no school so I can post more. I'm going to Mission Agency...(The old style in earning money.)

As we all know, LOVE is definitely in the air and LUCK is coming! Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day! I'm nearly out now because we are going to the church.

God Bless! Be Cool!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here's another update.

Are you playing Nichos Kingdom? There's a NEW CHARACTER there which gives a gift.
And the gift is a NICHO MASK!

The new character is named Gune.
He will give you mask if you will help him!

Nice hat there Gune!

It's a nice hat. I can't say it's cute, because it's CREEPY for me!

-Remember, helping chobot characters deserves a gift!



Hello my fellow friends!
It's been a long time since I posted an article!
I am so busy that's why I can't post here in my blog. So here's the NEW updates!

Have you already noticed the News Button?
Now, they display first a banner before you click it! Unlike the old button, when you accidentally click it, you will be headed to the Chobots blog DIRECTLY. Nice idea! And it looks like this:

Have you already shopped at the Magic Shop? Well, THERE'S A NEW MAGIC!
It's all for Chobots that loves to use magic stuff like ME!

And finally, you can now play games at the Classroom!
Genius Chobots will surely love that new update!

Watch out for more UPDATES!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Here are some cool Chobots.











Tuesday, May 19, 2009 having a hard time finding authors

hello chobots!
once again, its cadkeish!
im having a hard time finding authors for my blog.
here's tieman2...he leaves a note

tieman2: "hey young chobots enjoying the day you should play make bugs and trade play chobots and win"


New Authors!

Hello chobots. It's Cadkeish!
I'm searching for new authors on my blog.
Here's my reasons:
  • I'm gonna be busy these weeks. I want my CHOBOT BLOG to be updated on the events.
  • It's hard for me if I am the only one who posts on this blog.
  • I want more authors so I can share my Chobot Blog.

If you want to be an author, please comment your email address.
Please! I need new authors who would help me!